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A Quick Overlook of Safety – Your Cheatsheet

Steps to Conducting an Effective Job Safety Analysis

Determining some of the potential hazards in a job site is considered an important step before the hazards finally become a problem. Most probably, you have heard of the term Job Safety Analysis but many not know what it really means. Job Safety Analysis is the process of analyzing the a specific job to identify some of the hazards involved in it and the best ways to control them. Completing this task means that the workplace can now provide a better and safe working conditions for the workers.

For JSA to serve its purpose fully, it needs to be cater for every aspect of the work. If a particular project has various tasks being done at the same time, there will be a need for many JSAS. Job safety analysis should be handle by a person who understands better the potential risks involved in a workplace. In most cases, it’s the supervisor who carries out this task.

Once you have had a clear understanding of the nature of the work, you can now divide them into manageable steps. The steps should be specific to the job and also the work area. This means that the step will only change if the work area changes. Detailed step swill make the JSA complicated and hard to follow. At the same time, steps that are not adequately detailed may not cover for some of the hazards.

After breaking down he steps, you should then determine the risks involved in each. This is known to be the most clanging part when it comes to job safety analysis. Here, the main objective is to determine everything that may be dangerous in terms of safety and health. Identify how the surrounding, people and even the materials used may become hazardous. Some of the factors you need to consider at this stage include causes of past injures, legislation requirements and manufacturer’s instructions on the machines used.

The third stage is to determine possible controls for the hazards. The control explains how to do away with the hazards or how to avoid injuries. After completing the first three steps the job safety analysis should be ready to be discussed with the workers. The job hazard analysis will only serve its purpose it the when the employees have grasped every idea about it.

Before the work commence, it is of essence to go through the JSA to make sure that every employee knows what they are supposed to do in each area. In case the nature of the work changes in any way, the JSA should be reviewed to include the new risks involved and even shared with the workers.

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