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Study: My Understanding of HRT

Get Your Facts Straight With Hormone Replacement Therapy

For women, hormone replacement therapy is a must and there are some things that you ought to know about it in the present times. To start, testosterone is another hormone that is being considered for use among women receiving hormone replacement therapy.

Till the year 2002, HRT or hormone replacement therapy is the standard treatment being given to post-menopausal women who have suffered from the symptoms of having lower levels of female sex hormones. It is only during the present times that testosterone is deemed a sex hormone significant among females. For the past ten years, there have been a number of positive development that are being done.

What are the most common symptoms of menopause?

For women who are menopausal, the most common symptoms include skin and hair dryness, night sweats, frequent hot flashes, slowing down of menstruation until it ends, and some erratic menstruation. The other common symptoms of menopause also include vaginal dryness that will make it impossible or hard for the person to have sex, mild depression, weight gain that is not caused by excessive eating, and loss of libido.

At the time of menopause, what hormones fall among women?

Around the time of menopause, all the hormone levels of females will go down even testosterone. Progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone are among the most common female hormones that go down and let the woman experience certain symptoms. The adrenal glands and the ovaries of women are the main source of the steroid androgen hormone called testosterone. At least 10% of testosterone in rate than men is produced during the early adult years of women. Just like men, when women become older, their testosterone levels fall down. During menopausal period or after menopause, most women will now have zero or just near zero levels of testosterone in their bodies.

Can the lost female hormones be replaced?

With hormone replacement therapy procedure, these three hormones can now be replaced. If the woman has undergone hysterectomy, she can be given estrogen alone. For lowered risks of getting endometrial cancer, estrogen and progesterone are both given to the woman as hormone replacements. For testosterone, it is fine to just give it alone or to give it with the combination of either of estrogen or progesterone hormones.

What is the best treatment for menopause?

Hormone replacement therapy is still the treatment of choice among women suffering from menopause. As mentioned above, if you are no hysterectomy patient, you will be receiving a combination of progesterone and estrogen and an addition or combination of testosterone as well. If you had hysterectomy, most likely, you will only be given estrogen alone or estrogen combined with testosterone as your choice of hormone replacement therapy. Since these women are no longer at high risk of getting endometrial cancer, this kind of hormone replacement therapy is much preferred.

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