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Who Should Wear Compression Socks?

Known by different names, compression socks are intended to support and improve circulation in the feet and legs. Many people experience pain from poor circulation in their lower extremities caused when the blood pools in that area. These stockings come in various types and styles. The support stockings that are usually provided by a doctor’s office aren’t as fashionable as those that one can purchase online or other sporting good stores.

What Makes these Sock Different?

Although they may look like an ordinary pair of socks, compression type socks are woven mainly to provide pressure. These socks are much tighter than traditional socks. They are best pulled up like a woman’s stocking with both hands.

Who Should Wear Support Stockings?

Supportive socks were once engineered for the person with varicose veins and severe circulation problems. However, almost anyone who sits or stands most of the day for work can benefit from wearing garments with compression. In fact, athletes and people who travel have joined the movement for better circulation. Often people will wear these garments as a preventative measure as well. For instance, if a person does a lot of traveling, wearing a pair of compression socks may help prevent circulation problems before they can start.

Upgrades in the Materials

There’s a science to how this clothing is crafted. The best companies pride themselves on using the best fabrics and materials to help with circulation and also with dispersing moisture. Wool, bamboo, and spandex are just a few fabrics used to make the wearer’s experience better.

These socks come in various degrees of compression as well. There’s a sock for almost everyone’s needs. For instance, if graduate compression is required, there is a sock that will promote circulation gradually by pushing the blood flow upward in the leg to prevent it from pooling below the ankle.

Compression socks aren’t just for diabetics or bunions suffers any more. People don’t have to wait to be diagnosed with varicose veins or poor circulation. Anyone can receive relief to feet and legs that’s been in use all day. Wearing compression socks can provide much-needed relief not available from ordinary hosiery.