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    I Love My New Master Bathroom

    When my husband asked me if I was ready to finally remodel the house a bit, I got so excited. He is the one who takes care of the budget, so I had no idea that we were at that spot until he told me. The first thing I wanted to do was add a master bathroom to our bedroom. There were two very large walk in closets, but the bathroom was all the way down the hallway. I knew we could both use one closet, so I told him to find a plumber in Townsville to help us get the other closet transformed into a small bath.

    I thought it was going to be just a toilet and a sink, but the plumber that came out said that we could actually have a bath and shower in there too. I thought it would make it too crammed, but he said the space was actually larger than what I thought. He drew us a plan, and I really liked what I saw. Instead of having a bath put in, I opted to get a shower stall. The reason I did this was so I could have a closet for my towels and toiletries.

    Between the plumber and my husband, who is a carpenter, the bathroom was ready in no time. I was so happy with the finished product. The plumber was right in knowing that I was underestimating the space. He was able to put the sink, toilet and shower in a way that maximized the space. It feels so good to just be able to go in the master bath now and get a shower, or when I have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. I cannot wait until we hit our next remodeling project now, which involves using the same plumber to put a bath in our finished basement.… Read More..

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    Finding the Perfect Job for Me

    I was the kid in school who always wanted to know about the stats, of everything. To me you could learn so much from those numbers. The reason why things happened in the past and how they could repeat them in the future. I know most people would think this would be such a boring thing to do, but I always the student who would do my statistics assignment first. But doing this type of home work always kept me thinking about the future. I was on the debate team and my love of knowledge seemed to help me in our competitions. Our debate team was undefeated all four years in high school.

    When I went to college I was able to take my knowledge to a higher level, because there were other students like me who had a thirst for this type of knowledge. So I guess you could say I was among my fellow peers who had this thirst of stats and knowledge. It seemed like the four years of college flew by, and before I knew it I was out in the real world looking for a job. I was able to get a entry level job at a bank, and I did work there for two years, until I decided to look for a different line of work.I was happy when I found your website, and was intrigued right away at the job prospects. I was able to find a few different new job listings and started to fill out job applications. I was so excited, because within a week I was getting call back for a few interviews. Within two weeks, I was employed and doing the job I loved. Using my mental skills exactly the way I always knew I could. Now I have a plan for the future I want. … Read More..

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