Tips to Pick Your 2019 Prom Dress

Prom Dresses do not have to be limited to the latest styles or fashions. Some prom girls opt for the more classic styles such as ball gowns, corset backs, princess styles, A-line evening gowns, etc. Most girls, on the other hand, are often seeking to be fashion forward and always on trend. There are so many choices of dresses available, along with styles, colors, prints, and accents, that every girl can surely find the “dream dress”. Prom Night is not just about looking charming, it’s about being yourself, highlighting your most beautiful features, and making your personality shine. The 2019 prom gown collection, like no other, is full of courage, style, color, and unique design.

And, in this article, we will discuss design trends and colors that you need to consider when going to this year’s special event

2019 Designer Dress Trends

Looking beautiful and elegant at prom is one of every young woman’s desires. In many cases, this is a young girl’s first opportunity to show her glamorous side, fashion style, and sense of individuality. To be able to look elegant and special when attending prom, much preparation is needed. While there are many elements that go into proper preparation for the special event, the dress is the centerpiece that the entire ensemble and look will be structured around.

This year, like all others, there are a myriad of hot new fashion trends. We will highlight some of these special looks for prom 2019 in hopes of helping to guide you to the dress of your dreams.

There are many trendiest dresses for prom 2019 with more attractive design and appearance that looks simpler but elegant. You can get various types of party clothes easily nowadays. And here are the types of designs that you can use:

1. Long Sleeve Dress

long sleeve dress

In addition to facial makeup, clothing is also something that can enhance a woman’s appearance during a prom party. No wonder that many women prepare all of them in advance in order to look perfect and special when visiting a prom party. With a perfect combination between makeup and elegant dress, surely will make one more beautiful.

In addition, you should also pay attention when choosing accessories for party dresses. Simple accessories are of course better! Why? Because this party dress is already decorated with brocade fabric that has patterns and motifs that are usually in large quantities. In other words, the dress is already have complicated design, so, to avoid excessive appearance because of wearing many accessories, you can wear accessories such as necklaces, rings or bags.

One of an elegant dress that you can pick of course, long sleeve dress. With simple and elegant design, will make you look perfect when attending to the prom.

2. Lace and Illusion Dress

Ellie Wilde EW119001

If you want to impress all people who look at you, you might want to try this lace and illusion dress. With a slightly similar design to princess dresses from famous fables such as Cinderella and Snow White, this dress design will make you look stunningly beautiful. Besides that, you will also look so elegant if you wear this dress.

3. Floral Prints

JVN by Jovani JVN66058

The flower motif is the prefect praise for every woman, especially when printed on the dress. Women’s floral motif dresses are indeed in great demand today. Fresh designs and patterns and looks graceful and feminine make this type of flower motif dress increasingly get places and enthusiasts almost all over the world. many motifs and also various make this motif dress more choices.

Color Selection Tips for Prom Dresses

It takes a lot of consideration in choosing the right dress. In addition to the material must be comfortable and according to personality, and of course, everyone have their own color pick. But here are some suitable colors that you can use when attending a prom party.

1. Red Colored Dress

The red color symbolizes energy, strength, courage and also the symbol of fire. The red color can provide a sense of spirit and center of attention. By wearing a red dress, it will certainly show your courage and confidence in the dress you are using.

Red is also suitable for you to choose as the color of your dress if you want to be the center of attention. With striking colors, it will certainly make all eyes look at you.

2. Rose Gold Colored Dress

Rose gold is one of the colors that is currently popular. The color combination between pink and gold is also widely worn by celebrities and fashionistas. If you want to look elegant and stunning, you have to choose this color. With bright colors, it will suit anyone with any skin color. In addition, bright colors are also suitable for accessories that have a variety of colors. For that, choose the accessory color that matches Rose Gold, black or white will suit it.

3. Metallics Colored Dress

Metallic color is one of favorite color in fashion, such as silver and gold, can indeed make the appearance and style of fashion look more cool. No wonder this color is often used to go to parties, including Christmas parties, new year parties, or prom parties. Interested in trying to wear a matching metallic dress?
This color seems futuristic, so if you want to look attractive and look futuristic, it’s a good idea to wear this metallic color dress.

4. Burgundy Colored Dress

Sherri Hill 52600

If you have accessories with different colors, it’s good if you choose a dress in burgundy. Yes, a dress with burgundy color is perfect combined with any color, whether it’s white, black, or other colors. So, if you want to pick some fashion accessories such as bags, shoes, or jewelry of different colors, then it’s a good idea to wear a dress with burgundy color!

There are some tips for dress design and color picks for your party prom. Everyone have their own favorite, either for design or color. But do not forget, if you want to look beautiful, elegant, and stunning when you are attending a prom party, then you need to match all aspects, not only your dress, but also for your makeup and accessories.

For makeup, a natural one is of course is a good idea, but then you need to match it perfectly with other aspects. Last but not least, for accessories, you need to carefully take a look of its color too, so it will match perfectly with your other wear, such as dress or other accessories that you might use too.