What’s Wrong With The Reselling World In 2018?


When it comes to streetwear, drops, hypebeasts and such, reselling is definitely a considerable part of the whole sector. The whole reselling business mostly revolves around sneakers and hoodies, but there is room for everything. This year, the entire reselling business peaked to its maximum level, scaring companies about their products’ market value. Let’s dive into 4 main reasons why the reselling world has some serious issues going on at the moment.

1) Supreme’sBoxLogo

After Yeezys, the infamous box logo (or BOGO) is the most expensive product available on the reselling market. Why? No one knows, but with a retail price of just $120, a Supreme’s Box Logo currently fluctuates around $1200, given the fact that only 1.000 pieces are released during “the drop”. This only applies to the brand’s standard box logo, while their most expensive one (which is part of the Louis Vuitton’s collaboration) currently is sold for about $10.500.

2) OFF-White Sneakers

Virgil Abloh definitely gave streetwear a significant boost in awareness in the last couple of years. With this in mind, his collaborations with Nike, especially the one called “The Tens” has peaked a new horizon within the reselling world: the infamous Air Max 97 are, in fact, fluctuating around $2000, which topped Yeezys’ previous record of $1500 for the first version. This is definitely too much, especially given the fact that those shoes had a retail price of just $120.

3) Gucci and High Tailored Brands

Since the rise of streetwear as a matter, Gucci heavily invested in their streetwear line. Of course, these collections were incredibly expensive and limited, but nothing will reach the infamous Spiritismo one: with a whopping retail price of $700 for a simple jumper, the reselling price peaked at around $5000, which is obscenely high.

4) Indie Designers’ Products

When it comes to small/medium brands like Anti SocialSocial Club, who generated hype, the reselling side of their products almost reaches their retail sells. Another bright example would be related to womens designer underwear or designer lingerie, given the fact that both this kind of products are incredibly niche and, therefore, most wanted.

To Conclude

These are 4 simple examples of everything that’s wrong within the reselling world, but there are definitely many other factors we should take into consideration, such as potential clients’ location (given the fact that many products are exclusively sold in certain countries) and sizes available. With this being said, hopefully, this will better clarify why the reselling world is in such a poor condition now.